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How did I get into the world of relationships? Well I’ve had them, disastrous ones, good ones, I have relationships with my daughters, their partners good and not so good. However never before have I had a relationship with anyone like the one I’m in now.

I met my present husband over 5 years ago, on a dating site, and we have been together ever since.

So why is this different? , well I believe as I was single for some time by choice, divorced from my second husband, I consciously decided I had to figure me out before I tried to figure out how to have a relationship.

So I embarked on the best, fun journey I got to know me, I got to know me through my siblings, my friends, my kids. I figured why I did what I did, why I thought like I did and where it all came from.

I figured where my deal breakers where, the line to which I would not go below, What I would and would not accept in a relationship, and that is with anyone, family or partners, by discovering my deal breakers I could see how I had allowed myself to go below this imaginary line and drop my standards to meet the standards of others, just so I could remain in the relationship.

By getting to know me my level of care for me became paramount and my level of love and  self-respect rose, and so now I do not go below the “ deal breaker line”.

So let’s go back to the wonderful relationship I’m in now, as amazingly wonderful and loving and giving my husband is, this does not mean violins play in the background we still have our moments however I now demand a level of respectful communication, and it is through learning to communicate, not scream or shout or demand to be heard but by respecting each other I now believe I am truly happy with me, because I’m not letting me down by allowing someone to talk to me disrespectfully , no matter who, partner or child, but also which is the magical part I have so much respect now for my husband ,my daughters and others it’s like having brand new relationships.

 I have studied for years, to work in the field of therapy/ counselling. I have worked for years in the field of therapy/ counselling. I studied at the Tavistock where I trained to be a Couple Therapist. I worked for NHS as a therapist/ counsellor , throughout my career I was always asked what is your niche, everyone put my niche as couple work, but it didn’t feel right, then my friend said you’re like a relationship expert, and that’s when it came to me, my niche is relationships, whether with ourselves, our lovers, our friends ,our children. Indeed any relationships I believe I can bring my knowledge, my love and my passion, to all kinds of relationships, young or old.

Check my webiste, subscribe for newsletters, there will be lots of information on here regularly for all your relationship needs.

If you think I can be of service to you call me 07539738191

Published by Mary T Aaron.

My name is Mary and I am a Relationship Counsellor, I am warm, compassionate and offer a safe space to explore your life/relationships/self-etc. I am honest and like to challenge clients to really get to know themselves. I work to enable clients to feel confident. I can help.

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