Can you tell if someone will cheat?


There are, I believe 3 signs there is a high risk you, or your partner could cheat.

3 Very significant signs that it is a high risk in your relationship. That’s not to say it will apply to everyone, but it could.

The good news is this can be worked on,I have worked successfully with many couples where there has been infidelity, loss of trust.

So lets look through the signs.

So what are the three signs?

1) You met when one or both of you were still in a relationship. If they do it with you they will do it to you.

If we have little regard for someone we are in a relationship with, even if we know this relationship is finished, then to walk away without ending that relationship with compassion and respect could be a character flaw that will indeed remain and resurrect when life gets difficult in the future.

So to argue that “oh it was ending any way” or “we should have finished months ago” does not give us the right or permission to disrespect ourselves, and our previous partner, or more importantly to disrespect that relationship.

2) One or both of you have had affairs in the past. A good indicator of relevant future behavior is relevant past behavior. So if we have already engaged in behavior that we turn outside the relationship we were presently in, we have used that as a way to cope or get through whatever difficulties we were experiencing at that moment, it’s likely unless we know why, that we will use that coping strategy again.

Addictive Behaviours can be an indication.

3) If either of you has a family history of betrayal. Betrayal comes in many forms in an intimate relationship, affairs, gambling, and alcohol or drug abuse to name a few, all these behaviours are behaviours that take us away from the relationship, they create secrets and lies and mistrust, and in my experience trust is the foundation of all our relationships.

So can we change any of the above?

It takes time ……..But you can be Happy again.

Well I believe we can, it is my view and experience that the people who have affairs, it is rarely because they have met the love of their life and had no choice, love wins all, no its my experience we are dealing with someone who has low confidence and low self-respect, they are likely to have a background, childhood of secrets and unknowns.

They are likely to have accepted they have no voice, or little power in their lives and so when things become difficult at home, they may view their partner as the powerful one, and to gain some power, they turn outside the relationship.

They may have learned to be cold hearted and almost mean spirited in their pursuit of having multiple affairs, this is in my experience usually because they have become almost inadequate in forming loving lasting relationships.

I would like to say that people who have affairs or commit any form of infidelity (betrayal) are fully responsible for their behaviour and the hurt they have caused, but we need to acknowledge you cannot change what you don’t know.

So for change to occur, we need to explore why we accept this for ourselves and why we have little regard for ourselves and those we love and care for.

If you suspect this might be an issue for you, or has been in the past ,or feel you need someone to talk to , why not give me a call.

I offer free 30 minute telephone call, so what do you have to lose?


or click on the contact button below. I strive to respond within 2 hours unless an emergency.

it could change your life.

Published by Mary T Aaron.

My name is Mary and I am a Relationship Counsellor, I am warm, compassionate and offer a safe space to explore your life/relationships/self-etc. I am honest and like to challenge clients to really get to know themselves. I work to enable clients to feel confident. I can help.

3 thoughts on “Can you tell if someone will cheat?

  1. Oh my god this rings home with what I have been through within my previous 14 year marriage.
    I met my husband while he was already with someone, he had multiple affairs that I am now finding out about STILL!!!
    His mum and dad had affairs all the time including with affairs within their current relationships which they are quite happy to talk about in front of him and he witnessed it so grew up around it being acceptable behaviour. His mum encouraged secretive behaviour. His confidence was very low and he was put down constantly from his mum, step father and step mother, to the point where I had to speak to them both and say enough was enough, northing he ever did was good enough and I used to get so pissed off, frustrated and upset about it and he was in denial about the whole thing or didn’t see or chose not to acknowledge it! it but I did and I hated it! so mum you are spot on.
    I do not look at these for reasons to accept what he did to me as feasible excuse, but I can recognise these behaviours in him, so I suppose I do have better understanding of why he behaved in the way he did. He hasn’t to this day accepted what he has done is wrong and your right, until he see’s it himself or chose’s to open his eyes, as I do believe he knows what he has done is wrong he just refuses to accept it, then we will never be able to have a amicable relationship, which is very very sad as we have a son together, I know for a fact that this behaviour has continued in the current relationship he is in and I feel sad for him that he wont find peace and confidence in himself until he allows himself to recognise what he is doing is wrong, or at lease, get help to find a way of getting out of this destructive cycle.
    I am very aware that because of everything he has done to me and the past relationships I have had where I was badly treated and cheated on constantly, I now have created the same behaviour in myself and I know I need to also get help to ensure I can find happiness in a relationship again, without thinking I dont trust anyone so why should I be faithful! A cycle I want to get myself out of because I will only hurt the person I am with in the long run and that is not what I want, but I dont want to allow myself to be hurt again so I chose to not accept my behaviour is wrong and I chose to do as I wish until I find a way of the cycle that is mentally safe for me. I am sure I will one day, I just need to ask for that help when I am ready to accept it.


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