Merry Christmas and here is to a Happy New You

We all hope the next year will be better, different, less sad, and less lonely, less weight, less arguing, less single life, less problems with the family, less arguing with the kids, your partner, your friends.

Less of all the stuff we don’t want and lots of opportunity to have the stuff we do want.

So brilliant, all we need to do is wait …….. Wait for the New Year to come, yep, wait ……. And wait …… because surely at the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December, my world will change.

Yet on the 1st of January, apart from a possible thumping head, and remembering the giggles from the party you may have attended, oh and the copious resolutions you had made, there wasn’t much difference so far.

So New Year Resolutions….. Mmmmm “A firm decision to do something”

Definition according to Oxford Dictionary.

The top 3 Resolutions.

1 Exercise to get in shape.

2 Save Money.

3 Be healthier in general.

These all look brilliant. However let’s look at them closer.

 “1 Exercise to get in shape” what does this mean, this is so vague, are we joining a gym, they are closed on 1st of January. ‘Ah well it will have to be tomorrow, oh no I’m back at work tomorrow, I will do it at the weekend, oh I can’t I’m going to mums, oh I’ll do it next week.

“2 Save Money. “we all should do this, so how are we doing this,’ can’t start yet, I blew everything on the sales and last night’s party, I will start at the end of the month, oh I can’t I owe mum for the money she loaned me to do Christmas, and my credit card is so high, I will start next month’.

“3 Be healthier in general”. Again we should all do this, so let’s break this down into two health parts of us, physical and mental health. So we decided in resolution 1 we will chase that up in next week or so …… mmmmmm, mental health…… ‘I know my relationship is not to good, it’s like this every year so no difference there, I know my anxieties are high sometimes,, but I always get stressed when I’m busy, and I can’t sleep, but its only because I have stuff on my mind, Christmas is a busy time, it will sort itself out, if not I will go to the doctor, and talk to them, when I’m not at work, Plus we have the summer holidays to look forward to’

Wow, just writing this made me sad, we decide on being resolute to change our lives for the better, yet we do not care enough about us to plan this, to take our time to research the best way for us to get fit and healthy, physically, we do not deem we are important enough to check out what it is we want to save for and set a plan in action to get us there, and most worrying of all, is all this lack of organising and planning causes us anxieties all year , to the point we do not enjoy our life in the moment we being to plan the next distraction our holiday.

We choose to ignore our mental health with regard to relationships, we choose to ignore our physical health, and this plays a part in our mental health, financial worries that keep us awake at night that creates depression and anxiety.

So I have come up with a radical plan, what if we do our resolutions in December? What if we spend December getting ready for the New Year?

So here goes: New Year Resolution.

The top 3 Resolutions.

1 Exercise to get in shape……. Check out a local gym, they usually have really good offers on at this time of year, decide what getting into shape means for you, maybe it’s not a gym, maybe its swimming, or walking, create a daily/weekly monthly plan, so if say you don’t do it Monday, you can give your self-permission to say I will leave it today, but tomorrow I will choose to do it.  To say ‘I want to be 5 st lighter this time next year’ is too big a plan, what if we say I want to lose lb by the end of each month. This is so achievable, make sure you maintain fun, so what if your plan is 5 days a week, then 2 days you live your best life, and enjoy.

2 Save Money. ……. So why are you saving? What is it for? Then how much do I need? And can I afford it? Once we know the whys and what reason we can start a reasonable budget. There are some amazing online banks, (Starling bank) being one, I’m with them, they are good because they give you an opportunity to set your financial goals, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly I have already started to save for things that are coming up next year, and I’m pretty useless at that kind of thing. Why not check out how you plan to save, now then you can begin it in the New Year.

3 Be healthier in general……. This feels big and doesn’t say a lot, so perhaps here we need to explore all things health. When we talk in terms of health we always discuss it as if we only have one element that can suffer health wise, but there are two aspects to us, physical and mental health both should be viewed and seen as the same importance.

We still sadly see mental health as an issue to be either medicated and nursed or hospitalised, well I’m here to tell you out of 100 people surveyed 100 and physical and mental health, we all have both, some of us have higher anxiety than others, some of us struggle to sleep, some of us, have phobias, addictions, some have difficult relationships, mental health is in all of us , why not decide to write a list of what you see as possible recurring anxiety issues, and make an appointment to see someone, make the appointment for the New Year, your first appointment to discovering a new you.

Everything here is beyond possible, and what if you end this year having instigated your New You resolutions.


Merry Christmas and here is to a Happy New You

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Published by Mary T Aaron.

My name is Mary and I am a Relationship Counsellor, I am warm, compassionate and offer a safe space to explore your life/relationships/self-etc. I am honest and like to challenge clients to really get to know themselves. I work to enable clients to feel confident. I can help.

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