Can I Help?

Is your relationship falling apart?

Has this happened with other Relationships?

Are you struggling to share this with anyone?

Then I can help.

I can help you to develop the right tools, to look at your relationships differently, whether you are single or in a relationship at present. I can help you to gain confidence in yourself and start to feel strong again.

How Couples in Relationships can  Struggle.

Couples can feel very stuck because they have tried and tried to make their relationship work. Trying to communicate with your partner can feel so hard. Some may have been to counselling before or tried couple therapy before that hasn’t worked either. They don’t want to stay in a relationship that makes them feel lonely, sad hurt, and angry, but breaking up their family feels too big.

It’s totally normal for couples in a struggling marriage to feel the love for their partner has died, that they are living with a stranger almost. These feelings are likely because they may have detached emotionally to protect themselves.

Counselling Can Help.

Thankfully lots of relationships can be saved with the right focus, but many individuals in their marriage can feel their situation is hopeless and give up far too soon.

 I can help put the Spark back in yourlife.
I can help put the Spark back in your life.
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