Counselling, does it work? do I need it ?

We all have times in our lives when we are restless, when our sleep is difficult, and what I mean by difficult, I mean falling asleep and waking up often or unable to fall sleep, mind working overtime. I know I do, but what is more difficult is to understand is why?We can be livingContinue reading “Counselling, does it work? do I need it ?”

Can you tell if someone will cheat?

YES!! There are, I believe 3 signs there is a high risk you, or your partner could cheat. 3 Very significant signs that it is a high risk in your relationship. That’s not to say it will apply to everyone, but it could. The good news is this can be worked on,I have worked successfullyContinue reading “Can you tell if someone will cheat?”

Online Counselling, Does it work?

Does Online Counselling work?…….. I will talk about my personal experience, as therapists, we have to have ongoing Personal Counselling. So I wanted to understand if I am going to offer Online Counselling What It Feels Like to be a client with online Counselling. So I found my Online Counsellor I was nervous and skepticalContinue reading “Online Counselling, Does it work?”

So here we are valentines is here again.

So here we are valentines is here again. We are single, we choose to be single, or someone chooses it for us. Either way this is one day in the year, it shines a light on us. Restaurants, flower shops, supermarkets all talk about the romance and beauty of being a couple.  Lots of couplesContinue reading “So here we are valentines is here again.”