Q. What is the first step?

A. So if you like what you have read, if you want to either text, email, call  or simply fill out the contact form giving brief details, I will contact you back as soon as I can .

Q. Do you offer a consult call?

A. yes I offer a free 30 minute consult call, if you wish to have this you can let me know when you make contact.

Q. What happens during that call?

A. I will introduce myself, you will get an opportunity to give me as much details as you want, I will never pressure you, from there we can see if I’m the right person, if not I will help signpost you to the correct service for you.

How do I schedule it?

A. If we are both ok with the 30 minute free consultation, we can then schedule our very first session.

Does that need to be scheduled?

A. yes I need to offer you an appointment as I have clients coming at different times, we need to have a time suitable for both of us.

Q. Can I ask questions via email?

A. yes you can.

Q.What should I put in contact form?

A. you can put a little about what you are looking for and if you wish to have a 30 minute free consultation, I will contact you back and arrange it from there.

Q. What happens when you get it?

A. I always respond within 2 hours, maximum, unless there is an emergency.

Q.When will you get back to me?

A. Within 2 hours unless there is an emergency.

Q.When you get back to me what happens then?

A. we can talk, and see if we want to take it further.

Q. Do we talk on the phone or do I need to come in?

A. we would do the consultation on the phone, then we would arrange for the first session either via skype or in person.

I hope this questions and answers can put any fears aside, so please call and we can take it from there.