I GET IT…. How lonely you feel.

I GET IT….How you are always there for everyone else, but no one is there for you.

I GET IT ….When you have to smile, when inside you want to stop, and just cry.

I GET IT.… Feeling that you don’t have time, or that you feel other people’s problems are more important than yours.

I GET IT ….That you feel/think if I called someone for help, they would think I was stupid/idiotic/moaning about nothing.

I GET IT ….That you are scared.

I want you to know, I honestly GET IT. I know how we fill our time, how we make ourselves busy, doing stuff for other people, how we will always go over and above for other people, but no one does it for us.

So to deal with it we do other stuff to hide our hurts, we over eat, over drink, over gamble, over sex, over work, anything, to makes us feel good for just that short time. #IGETIT.

#IGETIT, looking out at everyone else, they just “get on with it, so why can’t I”.

Well they are probably looking back at you, saying exactly the same thing.

Why do we judge mental health, why is it a dirty word, why do we judge other peoples mental health, but don’t consider, every person has mental health.


So I understand how we struggle to pick up the phone to a complete stranger and tell them something, tell them something we don’t understand or have words to describe, tell them how worthless we feel, or how lonely we feel or how empty we feel.

“So what if I feel irritable, that’s not Mental health, that’s not a big problem, so what if I can’t sleep, so what if my partner doesn’t get it, I will just sleep in the spare room tonight so as not to disturb them, I will have a drink before I go to bed, that will help, oh but I’ve got work tomorrow, oh I will ring in sick, everyone else does, I never do it, I’ve not been in work for 2 weeks, they want to see me, they are going to sack me, I can’t go in I can’t sleep, my partner doesn’t get it, they’re not interested anyway, they haven’t spoke to me for a week, I’m sure they’re seeing someone else, I don’t blame them, who would want to be with someone like me, everyone hates/dislikes me, all my relationships end like this, my friends don’t care, my family don’t care I don’t want to worry them anyway, they will also say, stop moaning, you have a lovely home, a good partner, a fabulous job, what have you got to be sad about, low about, empty about.”


So I offer a free 30 minute telephone call, no pressure, just talking, 30 minutes to just say “ hey, I’m struggling, don’t know why, don’t understand, everyone says I’m lucky, but I feel empty, lonely, angry/sad/weepy”.

30 minutes no commitment to anything, just talking. 30 minutes for you in private, no judgement, a pocket of time, just for you, why not, what have you got to lose, you never have to see me or talk to me again, but what if it was the first step on the ladder.

If you don’t feel like you want to call #IGETIT. Please SHARE/LIKE this with your social media, they may want to make a call.

If you don’t feel you are on the Mental Health line above, #IGETIT. Please like and share with your social media, someone might be sitting waiting to make a call.

If we all admit #IGETIT to Mental Health it will no longer be a dirty term, it will be as common as a cold, or a headache, let’s make it common, and admit #IGETIT.

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