Individual Counselling.

Counselling can help ……

Individual counselling can help to untangle and look at your present circumstances, allowing you to improve your situation, open your mind and give you choices and options. whether we are single or in relationships, coming to counselling alone can still work on your relationships.

In essence if you want to change your relationships then you must start with changing yourself first.

The unique Counselling relationship, once developed, allows you to feel listened to and understood by someone who cares but remains objective and non-judgemental, allowing you to develop and own your decision and choices.

Clients come from all walks of life, lots of different backgrounds but they all relate in one way and that is, that they don’t know how to change their present situation, they feel stuck or lost and this can be quite a scary place to be. The effect of feeling lost or stuck and feeling as though your options are lost can manifest in anxieties or depression.

Anxiety comes in many shapes and forms, whether in our relationships or just running through our lives, therapy gives you the opportunity to deal with your anxieties and create a calm space.

Your Relationship is Important to Me.


I also offer Online Counselling, Individually, Married, separated, in a Relationship, short term or long.

The amazing news with Online Counselling is it has been shown to be just as effective as face to face.  So you can live if you live in a rural area and geographically isolated, or ill and housebound, online is an accessible solution

for instance:

  • If you prefer not to meet in-person, online is a practical option
  • If you’re busy and find meeting for a 50/60-minute appointment a struggle, online is convenient
  • If you live abroad, online is the solution for you to have a choice over your therapy.
  • Whether on holiday or temporarily or permanently relocate, we can continue our work together.
  • It has been proven that it does not really matter what style of Counselling is used, the main factor affecting the success of Counselling is whether the client can identify with and relates to, the Counsellor.
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