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We survey a new house, we engage a mechanic to check over a new car purchase. We live in very materialistic and expensive times. So we are planning a wedding the cost of which is in the thousands, yet we do not do health checks or surveys on our new relationships. What if we could? What if we could look at where we may have an issue in the future and fix it before it becomes a problem? Well we can. I have developed packages to suit all kinds of Relationships. My packages are bespoke specifically for relationships, I incorporate my experience and knowledge of working with hundreds of people whether in couple therapy or as individuals. I believe my expertise in relationship work, enables me to deliver to you an insight into your present relationship, but, and this is the exciting part also your future relationship.

So how does this work?

We will meet 4 times, online. The first session will be both of you together. I will gather as much information about your present relationship. The next two session are meeting online with you individually, here I will gather as much information as I can about you, and who you are, the final session I will present to you your Relationship Health Check, here you will have an opportunity to absorb the content, I will also give you some techniques to use or look at in the future.

This will then be delivered as an A4 portfolio, then posted out for you to keep, alongside your wedding album, this will be for you to use throughout your marriage/ relationship.

If you are single and are looking to embark on a relationship, look out for packages coming very soon,tailor made for individuals.


Relationship Health Check Packages.

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